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Frogponds simplifies sourcing. The Frogponds web application is a user friendly, software solution that solves the sourcing issues for buyers and opens opportunities for providers.
Our customers
Frogponds provides the perfect online platform for Government to manage sourcing easily. A user friendly experience that streamlines the sourcing process from request for quote through to the reporting of spend.
We know how little time schools have and how tight their budgets can be. That's why Frogponds runs a National Education Pond, available to all schools and childcare centres in Australia to source through.
Frogponds purchasing portals are for organisations to streamline their sourcing, maximise their budget and manage purchasing easily.
Frogponds was founded by Alison and Jodie in Perth, Western Australia. They started with a drive to solve challenges they had faced themselves, an idea coupled with a lot of enthusiasm and quickly gathered a talented team to help them bring it to reality.
Alison Welsh, CEO
Captain Marvel Fan
Jodie Rybicki, COO
Favourite extinct megafauna is the Diprotodon
Karen Connolly, CBDM
The harder you work, the luckier you get.
Amel Holic, CTO
Solve the problem first, before writing code
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