ERO Launches!

ERO Launches! | FrogPonds

Friday the 9th July marked a new a special date in the Frogponds calendar.
The non-government schools platform, Education Resource Options was launched! 
ERO will be run by experienced and knowledgable School Business Manager, Michael Burgess so you can be confident your sourcing needs will be taken care of. 

If you haven’t posted a request recently here’s some of the reasons why you should give it another go:

We have a pool of reputable quality providers
Schools are reporting up to 20% savings per quote
The time saved could really be used to do much more important things
You can check pricing against other quotes easily

Finally, we want to say thank you. We are an Australian innovation that will only grow with the support of those early adopters… like you! We want to demonstrate our value by giving back to the community and with your support we can make a huge difference. 

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