Sourcing Made Simple.

What we do

Frogponds simplifies sourcing. The Frogponds web application is a user friendly, software solution that solves the sourcing issues for buyers and opens opportunities for providers.

Sourcing the right products and services at the right price, from the right providers doesn't need to be complicated.

Our Solution

Frogponds works by providing purchasing portals (ponds) for our customers. These ponds are a members only site that allows buyers to post requests and providers to respond.

Each pond is configured to suit the specific needs of the pond partner, the level of compliance required, the request field requirements, categories, notification settings, branding and reporting requirements are just some of the configurable features.

easy steps:

Frogponds Step 1

Post a simple and anonymous request for the products or services you need.

Frogponds Step 2

Receive quotes and information, view provider profiles and chat with providers who can help.

Frogponds Step 3

Accept a quote, close the request and give optional feedback.